4wd on steep sandy slope

4wd "Train the Trainer" Courses

Working with a number of major OGP Operators we have developed a series of Xplorability Accredited Train the Trainer Programmes


4wd On Road Defensive Driving

RoadSafe Gravel©

4wd Gravel Road Defensive Driving


4wd Off-Road Mixed Terrain Defensive Driving 4wd on steep sandy slope


Safe operation of Vehicle Mounted Winches

These courses are available for:

  1. Clients requiring the need for an
    "In House" Driver Training facility

  2. OGP & Similar Industry HSE Service Providers requiring their own Team to provide country specific training or to have Regional Exclusivity.

For further information download the pdf below:

Xplorability Accredited
4wd Defensive Driving Train the Trainer Programme

Or contact our Training Manager via the contacts page.